Dongguan ShiLong JinWei Beverage&Food Co.,Ltd.
was established in 1990, the existing Shilong Corporation and Huangzhou branch two production bases, a total of eight production plants, up to more than 10 production lines, and equipped with product research and development centers and product testing room. Jinwei company has to rely on bio-fermentation technology based on lactic acid fermentation beverages, lactic acid brewed drinks, canned drinks three product lines...
At present, Jinwei has become the Pearl River Delta as the center, the network radiation to the country, covering the entire East and South China region of a strong brand, and through the export health registration audit, the products are exported to the United States and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
Our sales force is composed of familiar with the market, the challenges of the spirit of the business elite. They are equipped with modern marketing concepts and keen insight, keep abreast of market dynamics, flexible collaboration, the company is an important force in the continuous development.