The role of probiotics in the healthy growth of baby children

Food supplement:

I have passed the spring of high eczema, and I have ushered in the worst summer heat of my baby's appetite. Many babies can't eat half of them in the summer and eat and eat. In fact, summer anorexia and indigestion are phenomena that many children will appear. In the end, this is because the baby's stomach is weak. When the season is changed, there will be stomach upset and easy to get sick. Therefore, mothers should give probiotics to their children as soon as possible. Ketchup Leprobiotic is an excellent probiotic product that uses LGG (Lactobacillus rhamnosus), which is resistant to stomach acid and can reach the intestines. It has a unique adhesion protein that makes it sticky. It is attached to the intestines to help the intestines restore the natural balance of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria. It can also be colonized in the intestine for 1-2 weeks to improve intestinal immunity and promote the long-term health of the baby's intestines.

Allergy / Eczema:

Kang Cui Le has given a good solution to the problem of how to deal with baby skin sensitivity. By oral probiotics, it can improve the stability of the healthy intestinal flora, thereby enhancing the baby's immunity and reducing skin sensitivity and eczema. With the help of Kangqu Le probiotics, the mother no longer needs to be sensitive to the baby's skin, and how to do it with eczema, the baby will grow up healthily and vigorously. LGG probiotics are clinically proven strains that can effectively improve the immunity of infants and young children. In addition to containing a sufficient amount of LGG strain, the extract of Probiotics has added chamomile extract, vitamin D and other ingredients to better supplement the nutrients needed for the baby's growth and to calm the baby's mood and help. Baby with sensitive skin and eczema recovers as soon as possible.

Get angry:

Many newborn babies are prone to fire, loss of appetite, bloating, etc. This is often caused by disorders of the digestive system. Many people know that taking probiotics is a kind of An effective way to improve, and the most popular is the Procter & Gamble. The chamomile drops in the Probiotics add LGG live bacteria while adding some chamomile extracts to help the baby soothe the mood, ease the anxiety in the summer, and reduce the baby crying. At the same time, a large number of probiotics also significantly improve the baby's digestive capacity, and the problem of loss of appetite has been improved. Basically, constipation, large fire and other symptoms can be significantly improved after adhering to the use of Kanglixile probiotics for a period of time. The Probiotics Prosthetics stand out in the same class of probiotics. It not only helps your baby build a healthier and more stable intestinal system, but also boosts immunity. After taking the baby, the symptoms of getting angry will definitely improve, and at the same time help the baby grow up healthily and vigorously. The baby is less sick and the mother is more at ease.